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Best Wedding Caterers in Chester County

Planning your big day in Chester County? Hire a wedding catering company who knows how to make your special day the most memorable night of your life.

There are hundreds of wedding caterers from South Jersey to Philadelphia who claim to be the best wedding catering company around. However, with no originality, and nothing to make a lasting impression on your guests, these claims are unfounded. The Tot Cart is quite the opposite.

With the popularity of food trucks on the rise, and nothing indicating that the trend won’t continue that way, the Tot Cart remains in a league of its own. With its reputation as not only the Best Food Truck in Philadelphia 2015 but an outstanding wedding catering company, it warms our hearts to see our hard work paying off.

Our success didn’t come overnight, we’ve made mistakes and learned from them. It’s because of those mistakes that we are now able to serve our customers with award-winning service.

One thing we’ve done that has resonated well with our customers is adjusting our menu to fit the needs of all customers, no matter their dietary preferences. We’ve found that this extra effort doesn’t just help us appeal to more hungry customers, but goes over very well with wedding guests as well.

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We think the best wedding caterers in Chester County should be the ones who help turn a special day for you and your significant other into a special day for everyone involved. And the best way to do that is to appease everybody’s personal preferences.

Have a cousin who has embraced their vegan diet and might be turned off by the traditional, meat-heavy courses served at weddings? The Tot Cart makes a perfect alternate option for your vegan guests. Not a fan of meat yourself but want to appease your meat-eating guests? The Tot Cart has a wide variety of topping options that range from the perfect appetizer to hefty, meal-sized portions. Even your meat-loving father will be impressed with the portions of pulled-pork, ground beef and other meats we offer on our deluxe toppings menu.

Chester County has helped hundreds of people make their special day one they’ll never forget – we just want to help.

If you want to throw the party of the year at your wedding, you’ll need the best wedding caterers around to help you do it. Contact us today to learn more about our menu, services, and dates of availability.

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