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Every party is different and requires a different approach as a host. Birthday parties tend to be a bit more casual. Graduation parties and Bar Mitzvahs are a bit more on the formal side. The one thing that remains consistent no matter what kind of party you’re throwing is you’ll need to feed your guests – whether on your own our hiring party caterers.

Aside from finding ways to seat and entertain your guests, you’ll also need to find a way to accommodate their combined appetites. Sure, maybe you’re secretly one of the best home cooks in Philadelphia. But if you’re not, you’ll probably need a hand from the best party caterers around.

From Philadelphia’s Main Line to Bucks County, the Tot Cart is recognized as one of the best event caterers you can hire for your party. That’s because we don’t just bring the food, we bring the party. Nothing goes with fun like delicious, golden tater tots.

Since our start in 2013, we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our recipes, our image, and our service. It all paid off a few years later when we were voted Best Food Truck Philadelphia 2015. Now, we’ve set our sights on becoming the best party caterers in Philly, Chester County, Bucks County, New Jersey – anywhere the party happens.

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The Tot Cart isn’t like other event caterers for a variety of reasons. Our staff is fun loving, our food is great and everyone loves tater tots. Our tater tots can serve as a perfect snack for your incoming guests, a post-dinner snack while you prepare a dessert or even the main course! Our perfectly crispy tater tots and our wide selection of classic and deluxe toppings, such as buffalo chicken and pulled pork, will fill you and your guests up in no time.

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Event & Party Catering in Philly

The best wedding caterers in North New Jersey and South Jersey might have long-standing reputations and impressively long menus, but the food truck phenomenon is here to stay.

Gone are the days of delivering trays of previously prepared food. Philadelphia’s Best Food Truck 2015 makes everything you need to feed your hungry wedding goers on the spot with an expansive menu that has something for everyone.

Vegetarians love our wedding catering menu. Vegans can enjoy our deliciously prepared tater tots with no worries. Meat lovers will find our deluxe topping options offer a wide variety of meats to top off your crispy, golden tots.

The Tot Cart is great for adults, children and everyone in between. We entirely believe that most special day of your life should absolutely include tots. We have catered hundreds of weddings throughout various points of the celebration. Picture tots served to your guests as they leave the wedding ceremony.  Envision tots at your cocktail hour or as part of your reception. See the excitement on wedding guests’ faces when they leave the reception only to find The Tot Cart parked out front serving hot tater tots.

Make your amazing day even more unique by booking the best wedding catering company and a food truck from the Main Line of Philadelphia to the beaches of NJ

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